Mavrick Matt
Mavrick Matt 19 timmar sedan
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 19 timmar sedan
This is so stupid, you can’t run for president when you’re less than 35 and not even a citizen of the US
Da Chill_boi
Da Chill_boi 19 timmar sedan
This is why I hate BLM
Dragon Crackers
Dragon Crackers 19 timmar sedan
My mom tried to scare us kids once when we were camping. We were being bad so she pretended to be mad and left us on the trail. We knew she was bluffing so we hid in some bushes off the trail. We hid there for over an hour. She was freaking out. Every time she passed by we got quiet. She was crying and running further up the mountain. When she came back down, we had to come out because she had other hykers looking for us then... They made a stupid mistake, I hope.
Howlin Death
Howlin Death 19 timmar sedan
Still got people hating on the cop, let me be real with you, cop, military, or civilian, if your going to try and kill me? I will defend myself, and I will kill you before you kill me. That cop should have gunned him down, but somewhere deep in that mans heart, that cop had more balls then any of you keyboard warriors and posers, that man literally thought this kids life was even more valuable then his own life in order to shrug off an an attempt on his own life and still catch the kid without ever using any kind of lethal force or even harmful force. That cop is better then most cops out there, hell he is even better then 90% of you and me, because I sure as hell wouldnt have done that if someone is trying to kill me, I'm going to fight for my life because I'm not trying to die.
MR. RAMIREZ 19 timmar sedan
The comment section is the best part.
Ethan_V_01 19 timmar sedan
Lmao I’m 14 and I hid in a trash can from police after I broke someone’s window, I didn’t get caught
Kamran Ahmad
Kamran Ahmad 19 timmar sedan
The kids depressed cuz Logan Paul ain’t posting that much
santtu karhu
santtu karhu 19 timmar sedan
"we dont live in a makesense world".. say that when couple of planes blow up cause no patdowns were made,
A B 19 timmar sedan
They don’t know how preserve like this anymore. Crazy how bodies can be preserved like that. Wow
Erin R
Erin R 19 timmar sedan
She's beautiful....much better than the first one lol
FIVE BELOW QUALITY 19 timmar sedan
South padre! :0 im never staying at a hotel here again
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 19 timmar sedan
My mixtape
Dawson Prewitt
Dawson Prewitt 19 timmar sedan
I am scared that I will be one of those teens some day getting a sentence. What should you do in this situation or something similar?
Adidastat 19 timmar sedan
This is why they say to yell "FIRE"
Stevenangelo Lazaro
Stevenangelo Lazaro 19 timmar sedan
Now she is 14
Yousef h
Yousef h 19 timmar sedan
He is not over come with emotions, that was an act, that's all
David Gray
David Gray 19 timmar sedan
This isn’t GoN age well
Cat N
Cat N 19 timmar sedan
He’s probably the only one in his startup company that’s why he’s CEO
Justin Jackman
Justin Jackman 19 timmar sedan
1:50 did you see that guy hit his head on the sky
Patrice Marie
Patrice Marie 19 timmar sedan
Hate to imagine, a young sick woman ..... needing to play sexual games with a young boy! To become pregnant by this child is beyond repulsive, and deeply disturbing! There should be for God sake ..... other ways, for any 1/2 way there, 22 year old, to grow up, and find a sexual partner, that is compatible .... to father a child! This is insane.
TheCoolBoy86 Gaming
TheCoolBoy86 Gaming 19 timmar sedan
2020 makes everyone hates on america
Muzammil Ali
Muzammil Ali 19 timmar sedan
Police is so rude
Susan P
Susan P 19 timmar sedan
She is so pretty.
Ethan_V_01 19 timmar sedan
What happened to the truck driver
Maika Tupua
Maika Tupua 19 timmar sedan
Who is to blame??? That is a million dollar question.
Michelle C
Michelle C 19 timmar sedan
What Melissa did was self defense.... Blake on the other hand needs some serious anger management therapy perhaps and just therapy in general. Like he needs some serious help because that isn't cool. You strike at her and you don't think she would strike at you back in SELF DEFENSE.... I mean come on Blake. On the positive side of this I'm just happy to hear that she survived, got out of that marriage and is now happily married and has a new baby. Congratulations Melissa & Chris. I pray and wish you many many many more blessings and happy years to come! :)
Scout Fnm
Scout Fnm 19 timmar sedan
if it was an African American he would have been shot
Alfonso Savino
Alfonso Savino 19 timmar sedan
😂 lo bueno que no había nadien cagando 🙊
Mckenzie Bradfute
Mckenzie Bradfute 19 timmar sedan
That's sad I would never do that to my baby at all
Xenoz _
Xenoz _ 19 timmar sedan
I’m still searching for Lysol spray
Glorp Florpius
Glorp Florpius 19 timmar sedan
Two days? For assault, makes sense
goodwill Tyler
goodwill Tyler 19 timmar sedan
Watch me I am currently 11 years old and about too have a test
Ansh 19 timmar sedan
There was a man named Will Slattery who survived almost 25 hrs in middle of Pacific Ocean and that too with just a pair of shorts!! No thermal suit even!!
Thrina Joy Chua
Thrina Joy Chua 19 timmar sedan
Her mom should stop protecting her! Let her live up to the consequences! It's like her mom is telling her child that she can commit all the murders she wants, and she would still protect her child. Her daughter is in the WRONG! PERIOD! MURDER IS STILL MURDER NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE!
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis 19 timmar sedan
Every red blooded heterosexual male would have jumped at the chance to be with a young beautiful woman. Be honest.
Shameer Azeez
Shameer Azeez 19 timmar sedan
John cena bikini
Rylan Schenck
Rylan Schenck 19 timmar sedan
They don’t even know there own opinions because the 80% of them that hate trump only do because others do or there parents do that’s why they cant vote because they don’t do research they just hear what others say and think that’s good enough for them
Acee solo
Acee solo 19 timmar sedan
Same thang as Jose cruz
Patricia Campos
Patricia Campos 19 timmar sedan
One female arguing with another Female:)
Aaron LeGresley
Aaron LeGresley 19 timmar sedan
This is fkn hilarious 😆
Sku b
Sku b 19 timmar sedan
Oh God, if you exist, then y r u not killing these besterds and MFs who treat innocent animals like this? Shall we keep our faith in you?
Medeiros inc.
Medeiros inc. 19 timmar sedan
Bullys always always always always always get away with it and the victim always always always gets introuble for defend themself. Dime a dozen cases like this.
Am gotkeys
Am gotkeys 19 timmar sedan
I’m just hoping that he Lives with his Son while the Stupid ass ex wife is in Jail.
Debra Dee
Debra Dee 19 timmar sedan
Thst was planted. Never flied in or out. Wake up. Their lying. It was a ploy
JD Deines
JD Deines 19 timmar sedan
A real American hero
Malace From the Palace
Malace From the Palace 19 timmar sedan
I would never let this crazy ass man stab me multiple times too wtf is wrong wit him
Gibbie RBLX
Gibbie RBLX 19 timmar sedan
This is how it SHOULD be.
MR. RAMIREZ 19 timmar sedan
Black Karen
Debra Dee
Debra Dee 19 timmar sedan
She moderator is horrible laws need changed seriously
Da Mao
Da Mao 19 timmar sedan
The correct answer is both.
Tavo 323
Tavo 323 19 timmar sedan
This is a stunt from Jeep to beat the Bronco...
Debra Dee
Debra Dee 19 timmar sedan
She so corrupt
Anarina TV
Anarina TV 19 timmar sedan
This is horrific. US has a dark history.
California Cobra
California Cobra 19 timmar sedan
Please just kill me now 😭 Life is so unfair to many who don't deserve that heartbreak!
Bobby February
Bobby February 19 timmar sedan
Who cares 🧊
datDANK 19 timmar sedan
Buys a jeep Goes deadly off roading Horribly parks on edge of cliff Slams the door Girlfriend should be dead Almost kills oncoming car which could have 2 or 4 people Prolly made spinal injury worst moving her around MY HERO
Katie Myles
Katie Myles 19 timmar sedan
Me who has a plastic Christmas tree: 0-0
Derick Entertainment
Derick Entertainment 19 timmar sedan
Bahahaha... how people reacted to this is hilarious 🤣 😂 😆
hypeheadshot 19 timmar sedan
That cop jacket bro... I want one
RICH KOSTANSKI 19 timmar sedan
I bet he's a democrat
Nathan Lohrey
Nathan Lohrey 19 timmar sedan
Another propaganda movie for the left funny they only went for the conservatives not after the left guess he didn't want to get suicided
Trumpy Kickbutt
Trumpy Kickbutt 19 timmar sedan
Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history?
Allison Fields
Allison Fields 19 timmar sedan
Teach your kids not to stare lmao
SeniorSwanky 19 timmar sedan
glad hes safe now
Mavrick Matt
Mavrick Matt 19 timmar sedan
i love nuns
Nosy4w24 19 timmar sedan
Girl: oMg iM gOoNNa DiE
小さな子供アンドル 19 timmar sedan
i dont see why the sons where charged with anything? they did nothing wrong
Ham Nukuto
Ham Nukuto 19 timmar sedan
What a liar.
•choclet boba•
•choclet boba• 19 timmar sedan
Me: no one help her? Tv: do not talk's abaut it Me: soo this is amareca?
emortal_yt 19 timmar sedan
Cops shouldn't have guns like c'mon if he runs run after em and if he pulls a gun or knife then shoot or something
Josue Munoz
Josue Munoz 19 timmar sedan
Logan you went in the woods again 😔 i thought your learned you lessons
FrostedMantis 19 timmar sedan
who tf wants to tattoo their eye purple...
Sunflower Lover
Sunflower Lover 19 timmar sedan
I don’t necessarily think they tried to kill her I don’t think they saw her and wanted to get the log out of there way.
Zed. Cover
Zed. Cover 19 timmar sedan
Georgia Amanatides
Georgia Amanatides 19 timmar sedan
Leslie Stahl was rude from the getgo. Her political bias was evident.
Marley Travis
Marley Travis 19 timmar sedan
The police couldn’t find him- they couldn’t find him! There’s nothing they could do. They aren’t mind readers, they aren’t super robots that can see everyone. I feel awful for this kid, but they just couldn’t find him, it wasn’t that they were incompetent. They thought it was a prank because they couldn’t find him, and why didn’t he just open the door?
Mavrick Matt
Mavrick Matt 19 timmar sedan
pro gamer moments
Anpu 19 timmar sedan
Not his fault
zakkrick 19 timmar sedan
Rudy try to dig up dirt on joe Biden but got (how to catch a predator) instead lol.